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The No Reserve Formula:

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How auctioning works?


We maintain large domain sales on eBay and we launch weekly auctions from $1. Check out our eBay Store.

We are able to liquidate acceptable names through 5 Days No-Reserve eBay auctions under certain conditions.

What is the average sale price? Well, we can’t estimate that, because it depends from the audience. Some good domains could sell under $10, $20 on certain days or the opposite, lower quality names could reach $100+ if there is enough competition.

The math:

1. When domains sell under $10 we keep 100% of the money.

2. When domains sell under $50 we split 50%-50% (Many times handpicked domain auctions are ending under $50 dollars | in this case we only cover our invested effort).

3. When domains sell above $50 we split 30%-70%(yours).

Please note: Dividing the profits are calculated from the remaining NET values after deducting eBay fees 10% and Paypal fees 5% first.

We use google spreadsheet for automatic calculations & we will create one for you for better communication. Here you can see this live to understand the math.

This is a good example to visualize this:

No Reserve Sale Price Paypal/Ebay Fee Net Our profits Your Profits
AGRIOMA.COM $5.00 -$0.75 $4.25 -$4.25 $0.00
UPRIFT.COM $49.00 -$7.35 $41.65 -$20.83 $20.83
CARTRUN.COM $117.59 -$17.64 $99.95 -$29.99 $69.97

What is the selling process?

    • The first step is simply deciding to get started and submit your domain for being reviewed.
    • Every domain we accept, must be initially transferred to us  for the ownership verification. (This step is important because we want to maintain super fast delivery & great customer service after the sales).
    • Then we will start designing awesome logos for FREE for each ACCEPTED listing, helping a better sales result.
    • Approved listings are generally published between 2 to 3 days and your domain(s) can be seen on eBay.
    • Once we sell a domain, we verify the buyer(s), we request the payment and then we will provide all the steps required for transferring the domain(s) to the buyer.

How and when do I receive the payment for the sold domains?

Please note: there is a 4-5 day waiting period for the payment to process after the name is transferred to the buyer.
In some cases the buyer doesn’t pay for the domain(s), in this case we will offer a second chance to the second highest bidder or we repeat the process & relist the domains.
Once everything cleared we will pay you via PayPal or Transferwise.

What types of domains do we accept?

We mainly focus on creative and brandable .COM names based on strong dictionary words and must be applicable to several different business types.

Cool and classic exact or partial match domains can also be approved with two words up to 10-12 characters if both words are spelled correctly.


Why us?

We are trusted by thousands since 2013 & we’ve completed 2000+ transactions so far on eBay, we are connected with hundreds of domainers & basically we know what we are doing!

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